Special Referendum Election Ballot

Stuart voters to decide on November 7th to sell NorthPoint property

On Tuesday November 7th, 2017, City of Stuart Voters will have the opportunity to vote on a Special Referendum Election.  One of those items for approval is the Sale of City-Owned Commercial Lot Fronting Tidally-Influenced Waters.


Specifically voters are asked to decide  the following: Shall the City sell the 2.638 acre parcel of property known as the North Point Parcel for at least it’s appraised value? This sale would meet the Community Redevelopment Plan and would provide tax relief to taxpayers. Please VOTE YES for approval.


The property known as “NorthPoint”  is just north of the “Old Roosevelt Bridge” located between the Florida East Coast Railroad and Old Dixie Highway. This particular property has been in the City’s inventory for over 14 years and has historically been under some sort of lease agreement for many of those years.


This proposal will put the property back on the tax rolls and encourage the connection between the existing Stuart Main Street with so-called North Stuart.


YES to this proposal will:

  • Expand the Historic Downtown Stuart experience and should be the catalyst that ties “Downtown Stuart” with North Stuart.
  • Create an increased tax base of approximately $10-$12 million.
  • Provide new job opportunities as well as other revenues to the city and county. Please see the Economic Impact Analysis prepared by Paul Skyers which you can download from the homepage.
  • Invite the public to enjoy the waterfront and build on the existing “Downtown Experience”

The Actual Ballot

Referendum Postcard Mailing