OCTOBER 19, 2017

TC Palm recommends YES to NorthPoint Stuart!

  Should Stuart voters agree to sell, extend leases on waterfront property? Our recommendations. A referendum, approved overwhelmingly by Stuart residents in 2006, requires city commissioners to get voter approval before selling waterfront property or leasing it for more than 10 years. GO TO LINK  

JULY 14, 2017

Video: Developer envisions New Urbanism in north Stuart

  A third developer has stepped up to build on the Northpoint property, owned by the city of Stuart. Richard Geisinger Jr. envisions a restaurant and offices there, part of a broader vision he has for Stuart across the St. Lucie River from downtown. GO TO VIDEO  

OCTOBER 17, 2017

Richard Geisinger Jr., joins KC in the studio


Richard Geisinger Jr., the developer of the proposed NorthPoint property in Stuart, joins KC in the studio to tell us all about his great plans for NorthPoint. The approval of this plan depends on a voter referendum on November. 7. Listen in…




AUGUST 28, 2017

Stuart voters to decide in November to sell NorthPoint property

  The City Commission on Monday voted unanimously to hold one election with three questions, meaning voters will vote separately on each item.  The Pelican Café and Beach. Mulligan’s Beach House Bar and Grill. And the Northpoint property.  Their future is in the hands of city voters. GO TO LINK